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E-market place (EMP) of the Republican unitary enterprise «National center for marketing and price study» is the official trading information system of the Republic of Belarus which accommodates online auctions using the latest digital technologies in e-business     .


  • select quality goods and services at reasonable prices;
  • increase number of supplies;
  • curtail financial costs and time required to prepare transactions owing to electronic document management.

For suppliers:

  • save time and funds through submission of auction e-bids;
  • save time if accredited at the Russian Federation E-market place;
  • reduce corruption risks, compete for contracts fairly.

E-marketplace of the National center for marketing and price study guarantees:

  • transparency of procurement process;
  • confidentiality;
  • fast selection of tenders of interest;
  • accessibility for representatives of small and medium-sized business;
  • use of certified tools for cryptographic protection of information.

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