Belarusian-Belgian cooperation on the African market will be discussed at a business conference in Antwerp

On October 7, 2019, in Antwerp (Belgium), a business conference “Together on the African market” will be held. The forum will be held as part of the Belarus-Belgium Contact Days event package. Events in the fields of trade, agriculture, education, culture and tourism will be organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Kingdom of Belgium with the aim of developing trade and economic cooperation of Belarusian enterprises with partners in the countries of the European Union.

The business conference involves discussion of the possibilities for expanding Belarusian-Belgian cooperation in the field of joint work on the markets of African countries, establishing sales channels for Belarusian goods in Africa with the assistance and mediation of the Belgian business. According to the Embassy, ​​thanks to such cooperation, large-scale deliveries of heavy equipment to Algeria, as well as transport equipment and refrigeration equipment to the Central African Republic are planned in the near future. On the Belgian side, representatives of business with a wide network of business contacts in African countries which are actively promoting Belarusian goods to the markets of the region's countries are planning to participate in the conference. Of great interest for Belgian-Belarusian cooperation are Algeria, Burundi, DRC, Zambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, Republic of the Congo, Tunisia, Uganda, and the Central African Republic.

The National Center for Marketing acts as the organizer of the event and invites Belarusian enterprises to participate!

Online registration indicating your preferred participation format here.

For more information, contact the Department of International Cooperation by tel .: +375 (17) 328 46 25.