Educational sessions: determining the estimated cost of public procurement

The new version of the Law “On State Procurement of Goods (Works, Services)”, which entered into force on July 1, 2019, provides for the obligatory indication by the customer during the procurement procedures of the estimated cost of the purchased item. According to the resolution of MART (04/04/2019 No. 35), this can be done in three ways: design estimates, cost and market research. At the same time, design estimates and cost methods are used only in certain cases specified by law, and the method of studying market conditions is a priority.

How can customers fulfill this requirement with minimal resources?

To study market conditions, it is necessary to conduct market research. An enterprise can carry out a study on its own, relying on a full-time marketer or that specialist who performs similar functions (a specialist in procurement, supply, sales). What information should such specialist have? He can use data on the results of public procurement, prices of potential suppliers, price lists, statistical reporting data, as well as the results of market research, provided that such results use the methodology for calculating prices, other sources of information.

The process is time-consuming, especially if there is a wide range of purchased products. And if the company seeks to save the budget (time and other resources), it is necessary that the estimated cost was initially set correctly. And this means that it is better to entrust the study of market conditions to professionals.

Consulting centers, working with marketing research, primarily use professional databases. As information sources one can use data provided by manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. Databases contain not only information on prices that are formed as a result of procurement procedures carried out at the expense of various sources of financing, but also state statistical reporting data, as well as other sources of information, including closed ones.

As a result, the customer is provided with a ready-made report containing information on the estimated cost of the procurement item, a methodology for calculating the estimated cost, as well as documents confirming the initial data used for the calculations.

The experience of the National Centre for Marketing, accumulated over many years of practice, shows that professionally performed work on preliminary market research can be used by customers not only to justify the estimated cost of the procurement item, but also for subsequent procurement from a single source.

In order to assist organizations and enterprises in conducting procurement procedures, the National Centre for Marketing provides marketing research to determine the estimated cost of the subject of procurement.