The National Centre for Marketing will organize a meeting of Belarusian companies with business circles of the Ryazan region

Business delegation from the Ryazan region of the Russian Federation will visit Minsk on September 16-20, 2019 in order to search for strategic partners in the Republic of Belarus.

The Russian delegation includes representatives of the Ryazan Tool Plant and other companies specializing in woodworking and road construction, as well as manufacturers of hardware, textiles, equipment for cafes, and GSM smart home alarm systems.

It’s the second visit of business circles of the Ryazan region. Russian businessmen have already visited Belarus in December 2018. The high interest in the Belarusian market and the successful experience of cooperation with domestic companies served as an initiative for organizing a new visit.

The National Centre for Marketing will organize a series of meetings between Ryazan businessmen and Belarusian enterprises in order to establish business contacts. Belarusian companies are invited to participate on a free basis. Online registration can be accessed via the link.