National Center for Marketing invites you to the School of Suppliers!

For many Belarusian companies, government procurement is still a new sales channel, unfamiliar and intimidating. Strict rules of participation become an obstacle for beginners, but the volume and stability of this market segment are quite attractive. Mistakes of customers and procurement participants can lead to serious financial losses, as well as negatively affect the company's reputation. 

The educational project School of Suppliers is a series of three seminars whose target audience is manufacturers and suppliers of goods (or services) who plan to participate or are already participating in government procurement. The purpose of the seminars is to help suppliers to understand the new rules of the game in the field of regulated procurement, to see and understand their capabilities in this market segment, to clearly understand the rights, duties and responsibilities of all parties of the process, and most importantly to participate effectively in procurement and win. At the seminars we will tell you how to do everything right and how to defend your rights in a conflict situation while maintaining partnership relations. 

1st seminar - November 5, 2019 “Participation of suppliers, contractors, performers in public procurement conducted in accordance with the new version of the Law “On public procurement of goods (services)”. The seminar is dedicated to the regulation of procurement, participation in it will provide basic knowledge of the legal framework for participation in public procurement, as well as answer questions where to start work, how to organize the company’s activities in order to effectively participate in procedures and how to correctly prepare the necessary documents for participation in the procedures. 

2nd seminar - November 13, 2019 “Information support for procurement. Features of work on electronic trading platforms and the website of the state information and analytical system of procurement management (GIAS)”. The seminar will be devoted to aspects of practical work on the ETP and on the GIAS website and will provide an understanding of the components of the procurement information system and will also help to master the updated functionality of the ETP. 

3rd seminar - November 20, 2019 “(Un)fair tender: how to protect your procurement rights”. The seminar is held jointly with the law firm REVERA, which is a market leader in its field and one of the areas of its specialization is litigation in international arbitrations. The lawyers of the company are experts in terms of challenging the procurement procedures in a judicial proceeding. The seminar will consider errors made by both participants and customers during the procurement procedures, as well as ways to resolve conflicts, judicial and pre-trial practice of dispute resolution. 

The event is held on a paid basis. Participation is possible both in all seminars of the cycle, and in one of them. The cost of participation in one seminar is 63 rubles including VAT per person. The duration of one seminar is 4 academic hours. To receive payment documents, you must submit an application. See the full program of seminars and participation conditions here.