National Centre for Marketing is planning to participate in TIBO-2019

The National Centre for Marketing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus will take part in the XXVI International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies «TIBO-2019» with projects demonstrating the contribution to the digital transformation of Belarusian exports and electronic trade.

Visitors of TIBO-2019 will be presented with a presentation of innovations in the public procurement system. From July 1, 2019, the public procurement system will face a digital transformation. The system will become fully electronic with introduction of e-procurements based on OCDS (open contract data standard) and open data in Belarus. A unified state information and analytical system of public procurement management (GIAS) will start functioning.

GIAS will contribute to increasing the transparency and efficiency of public procurements and reducing transaction costs for buyers and sellers, as well as improving the quality of public services in general. As a result of innovations, the automated system will be able to analyze the entire procurement cycle, starting with procurement planning and ending with conducting contracts. It will be possible to sign contracts in the form of an electronic document, as well as additional agreements, including on termination of contracts.

In addition, a small-scale automated procurement system will be launched in Belarus - a platform for government procurements with an estimated cost of the subject of procurement from 50 to 300 basic quantities in electronic format. The new electronic platform will increase the level of competition thanks to the participation of small and medium-sized businesses, will provide a more efficient use of budgetary funds due to the possibility of studying market conditions in the context of current prices by region.

Visitors will be also presented with the capacities of the Portal Export.by, an electronic showcase of Belarusian goods that can be exported to the international market. Now more than 6 thousand companies have already registered on Export.by and presented more than 17 thousand goods, services and technologies in Russian and English. The Portal is visited by users from almost 200 countries of the world. The next step in the development of the Portal is to create a full-fledged B2B Internet platform on its basis, which will allow users to conclude foreign trade agreements online and purchase goods with a choice of delivery method and time.

The National Centre for Marketing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus invites visitors from 9 to 12 April to its booth at Pobediteley av., 111a, Minsk.