National Center for Marketing took part in the Forum of Polish Investors

On December 11, the Director of the National Center for Marketing, Valery Sadoho, took part in the XI Forum of Polish Investors.

The speaker made a presentation at the Plenary meeting devoted to summing up the economic results of the year and the prospects for Belarusian-Polish cooperation, as well as directions for Polish investments.

Valery Sadokho told the Forum participants about the activities of the National Center  for Marketing aimed at establishing and developing trade and economic relations between Belarusian and foreign partners. He focused on the presentation of the electronic showcase of Belarusian goods, services and technologies - Export.by portal, and the Internet resources of the National Center for Marketing devoted to public procurement.

In more detail, the speaker told about international events organized by the National  Center for Marketing. As an example, Valery Sadoho cited the organization of the Belarusian-Polish business forum as part of a meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission in Warsaw, Belarusian-Polish industry seminars, the Meble Polska exhibition in Poznan and other events.

The National  Center for Marketing also offers Polish companies a study of the situation in both the Belarusian market and the markets of the EAEU countries, assists in the formation of investment projects and commercial offers for enterprises and other marketing services.

Valery Sadoho emphasized that the National Center for Marketing is ready to continue to provide comprehensive assistance to the development of bilateral trade and economic cooperation between our country and the Republic of Poland.

For reference:

According to statistics from the Export.by portal, more than 230 Belarusian companies are already working on the Polish market and more than 700 companies from Belarus are interested in cooperating with Polish partners. Also, more than 40 Belarusian companies, when registering on the Export.by Portal, indicated that they had sales offices in the Republic of Poland.