The National Centre for Marketing is planning to hold training events on new rules of public procurements

On July 1, changes in the public procurement system came into force and the State Information and Analytical System began to function. In connection with the transition period and a change in the procedure for posting procurement information, many questions arise related to adaptation to innovations from GIAS users.

The National Centre for Marketing organized free practical classes in all regional executive committees of the country's regions on submitting annual government procurement plans to the electronic trading platform and other procurement issues in order to educate participants in the procurement process. More than two and a half thousand representatives of Belarusian organizations and enterprises in regional centers have already signed to hear clarifications directly from the operator of GIAS and the electronic trading platform www.goszakupki.by.

On July 25, the NCMPS will hold a training event on the basis of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

In order to provide information support to users of the electronic trading platform the National Centre for Marketing organized a Call Center, which provides clarification on the preparation and placement of annual public procurement plan, procurement documentation, including a single-source procurement certificate, and many others.

To act effectively in accordance with the new rules, participants in the procurement process need some adaptation to the new system. The experts of the Educational Centre of the National Centre for Marketing are ready to provide professional support to users, to promote the development of professional skills of participants in the public procurement system.