Valery Sadokho spoke about the search for new ways of cooperation between Belarus and Indonesia in the program "Events"

Director of the National Marketing Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Valery Sadokho, visiting the program "Events" on the Belarus 24 TV channel, spoke about new ways of cooperation between Belarus and Indonesia in the segment of the agricultural and food industry.

“If we talk about the prospects, then we must understand what Indonesia is today. It is a country with a population of 270 million people, huge natural resources, cheap labor, and a large investment. All these facts speak about the attractiveness of the Indonesian market. Further, in Jakarta, the joint headquarters of ASEAN is located, which includes 10 countries of Southeast Asia, between which free trade agreements have been concluded both within the association and with neighboring countries. This creates extensive competition for newcomers who come to this market,” explained Valeriy Sadokho.

Further, the expert noted important circumstances for overcoming competition in the Indonesian market for Belarusian enterprises: the EurAsEC signed a memorandum on holding negotiations in the near future for signing a free trade agreement between the EAEU integration association, which includes Belarus, and Indonesia. Valeriy Sadokho stressed that Belarusian enterprises need to be actively involved in the trade with trial consignments of goods today. He also cited as examples three dairy companies that already have certificates and positive experience in supplying products to the Indonesian market.

Valeriy Sadokho noted that the dynamics of trade relations largely depends on the contractual framework between the countries. To date, 26 agreements have been signed between Belarus and Indonesia.

For a detailed interview with Valery Sadokho in the "Events" program, watch the YouTube channel of the National Marketing Center.