Training in the new rules of public procurement in the "School of Suppliers" will be held quarterly

“School of Suppliers” is a new educational project of the National Center for Marketing in the field of public procurement. For the first time, the interests of suppliers were in the spotlight. Previously, in training programs on procurement, the emphasis was only on customers.

The reason for preparing such a program was the change in the Law on Public Procurement, which now provides for more stringent working conditions for participants. If earlier mistakes in the course of procurement threatened the participants, as a rule, only with a loss in the procedure, now the obligation of the customer to send information about “unscrupulous” suppliers to MART is established. Further, information about such participants is entered into the list of temporarily not allowed to participate in public procurement procedures for two years. Losing such an interesting sales sector for two years can be very painful, and reputation losses are also great, because the list of “unscrupulous” suppliers is publicly available.

Representatives of forty companies took part in the first program “School of Suppliers”, which was held in November. Among them were large companies such as Unitary Enterprise A1, Autocentre Atlant-M Borovaya LLC, Mobile TeleSystems JLLC, Minsk Dairy Factory No. 1, and small businesses that are just starting their work in public procurement.

The program helped beginners in the procurement field to decide on a strategy, understand their capabilities in this market segment, determine where and how to look for interesting purchases and participate in them as efficiently as possible, and also helped to learn how to calculate risks and see pitfalls.

Experienced players also noted the benefits and the need to participate in such a program. For example, representatives of A1 shared that the "School of Suppliers" helped to systematize the available knowledge, to understand the details and difficult to understand points, to obtain brief and structured information about the changes that have occurred over the past six months, as well as to learn about the planned changes that will happen soon.

Starting in the new year 2020, the Education Center plans to conduct the "School of Suppliers" on a quarterly basis, and also launches an eight-hour format for this program for corporate clients.

For questions about participation or ordering corporate training, please call: +37517 328 46 27 or write by e-mail: seminar@ncmps.by