Seminar on the promotion of Belarusian products in the foreign markets was held in Gomel by the experts of the National Centre for Marketing

On November 14, 2018 the experts of the National Centre for Marketing held a practical seminar in Gomel for enterprises and organizations on the following topic: «Effective tools to promote Belarusian export. Procurement of goods, works and services in the Republic of Belarus and abroad».

The event was held at the Gomel Regional Executive Committee. About 200 people took part in the event, including managers and specialists of marketing and advertising departments, departments of international economic activity and sales of Belarusian enterprises of different spheres of the Gomel region.

Experts of the National Center for Marketing shared their practical knowledge in the field of marketing research, searching for buyers and business partners, provided recommendations on how to participate in exhibitions, recommended the proper process of forming advertising messages through printing products. The possibilities provided by the Information Export Support Website Export.by, which can be used as an Internet platform for promoting domestic goods in foreign markets, were also presented during the event.

The seminar in Gomel was the second in a series of events which the National Centre for Marketing holds for enterprises of the regions in order to inform them about the existing tools for supporting and developing exports, as well as procurements in the Republic of Belarus and abroad. Earlier, a similar seminar was held in Vitebsk and was highly appreciated by its participants. The next event in the cycle of practical seminars on export topics is planned to be held in Brest.