Representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited National Center for Marketing

On December 5, Michael Siebert, Commissioner for Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, of the German Foreign Ministry, the Attache of the Department for Russia, Belarus, Moldova and the Eastern Partnership Timo Shtum, and the First Secretary of the German Embassy in Belarus Zilke Belmann paid a visit to the National Center for Marketing.

Michael Siebert expressed the opinion that, despite the stable business contacts between our countries, the German business does not have enough information about Belarus, its economic and investment climate. At the same time, the German side is interested in cooperation with Belarus, including relations within the framework of the Eastern Partnership initiative.

Director of the National Center for Marketing Valery Sadoho noted that in fact more than 31% of the export of domestic products is carried out in the EU. He said that the National Center for Marketing regularly conducts joint seminars with the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Belarus to the European Union on the problems and conditions for the supply of Belarusian products to the EU. Valery Sadokho also spoke about the capabilities of the National Center for Marketing to assist the German business in entering the Belarusian market and working on it.

The German side expressed interest in such cooperation and emphasized that, in turn, it was ready to strengthen cooperation at the business level - to assist in the establishment by the National Center for Marketing of partnerships with the relevant (mirror) structures of Germany, as well as post information on tenders held in Belarus at their resources. In Germany there are organizations that are of interest to the business of their region in the markets of other countries. Michael Siebert said that he was ready to provide a list of potential partner organizations for establishing cooperation and developing foreign economic activity of the business of both countries.

Michael Siebert also invited the meeting participants to take part in the Days of the Belarusian Economy in Germany.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to strengthen the information exchange of relevant trade, economic and tender information.