Participation of Belarus in the largest import exhibition in Shanghai should lead to new contracts and an increase in exports to China

This was discussed at the press conference of the National Centre for Marketing which took place on October 4 in Minsk. 

Considering the high public interest in the participation of the Republic of Belarus in the First China International Exhibition of Imported Goods and Services in November 2018 the National Centre for Marketing held a press conference on the theme «The National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the International Import Exhibition in Shanghai». 

The National Centre for Marketing organizes the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the China International Import Expo as well as the Belarusian-Chinese Business Forum. 

«China International Import Expo» will be held fr om 5 to 10 November 2018 in Shanghai (People's Republic of China) in the world's largest exhibition complex the total building area of which is about 1.5 million square meters. The event will be attended by over 2,800 companies from 130 countries. It is assumed that the number of wholesale customers at the exhibition will reach 150,000.

The total exhibition area of the Belarusian stands will be 778 sq.m. The national exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the China International Import Expo exhibition will be presented in two thematic zones. 

In the zone of country pavilions on a total area of 136 sq.m. the National Stand of the Republic of Belarus will be presented wh ere visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the trade, economic, investment, scientific, technical, historical and cultural potential of our country. 

In the zone of enterprises and businesses of the China International Import Expo Belarusian enterprises occupy 642 square meters of exhibition space. At the industry stands will be demonstrated Belarusian goods and services in 6 commercial pavilions. The largest stand of Belarusian goods will be presented in the pavilion «Agricultural and food products». 

«Currently we are very actively working on the promotion of agricultural products and foodstuffs. It is very important to increase the export of our services» — Head of the Asia, Australia and Oceania Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Terentyev stressed.  

Today the Chinese market has entered a stage of continuous expansion of the scale of consumption and imports with this trend have great potential for growth. Over the next five years China imports products and services worth more than $ 10 trillion. 

«The level of political cooperation with China, the level of relations ahead of our trade and economic cooperation. The exhibition is an opportunity to catch up with the level of interaction. China is a huge market. And there is a place for Belarusian goods» — noted director of the National Centre for Marketing Valery Sadokho.

All Belarusian stands will be presented under the brand Made in Belarus, the logo is made in the traditional style of the Belarusian ornaments with the image of a cornflower – a flower symbolizing Belarus. Approved the slogan of the National Exposition concept: « Belarus-China: friendship, cooperation, prospects».