Presentation of the electronic public procurement system of the Republic of Belarus was held in London

On February 20, the First Deputy Director of the National Centre for Marketing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Alexander Zapolsky presented a project of an electronic system in the field of public procurements of the Republic of Belarus in the framework of the International Workshop on the Development of Electronic Governments of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London (United Kingdom).

Participants discussed the modernization of the public procurement system in the context of the prospects for Belarus joining the WTO and the development of e-government in our country. Digital (open) government will improve the quality of public services in general and in public procurements in particular, increase the transparency and efficiency of government contracts and reduce transaction costs for buyers and sellers.

Alexander Zapolsky spoke about national goals, key problems and ways to solve them in order to switch to the electronic type of government procurements in full. He also presented the terms of reference for the development of the State Information and Analytical System (GIAS) and possible options for introducing a new system in the Republic of Belarus.

During the seminar participants also discussed the prospects for Belarus joining the WTO, the compliance of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on government procurements with the requirements of the Agreement on Government Procurements. It also identifies further steps for the implementation of e-procurements based on OCDS (open contract data standard) and open data in Belarus.