Single-source procurement process fully digitized

The digital transformation of public procurement in the Republic of Belarus continues to develop dynamically. Until now, the procurement procedure from a single source existed in our country only in a “paper” form. The National Marketing Center has developed and launched a new format that supports the full digitization of this procedure. It became available to conduct in electronic form the full cycle of the procurement procedure from a single source.

Thanks to the new format, the customer now has the opportunity to conduct on the electronic trading platform www.goszakupki.by all the most important stages of procurement from a single source. In the digital field, proposals are submitted by potential participants and considered by the customer. Next, a decision is made on the choice of a participant in the procurement procedure and the conclusion of an agreement with him. The digital contract is immediately transferred to the AFSS (Treasury). Next comes the automatic generation of a certificate based on information previously posted by the customer. Each stage of the procedure is displayed in the public domain in the chronology of events, which ensures its maximum availability and transparency.

Customers who have already tested the new format noted that organizing and conducting the procedure now takes significantly less time, as most processes are automated and do not require the customer to repeat the same actions. Suppliers of goods (works, services) appreciated the availability of procedures, participation in which was previously limited to the circle of persons invited by the customer.

The educational center of the National Marketing Center on an ongoing basis provides training to customers and suppliers on the organization and carrying out the procurement procedure from a single source in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. During the training, not only legislative aspects are considered, but also organizational aspects, practical nuances of working in a new format.

The next event will be held on February 3, 2020. We invite you to study!