The National Centre for Marketing held a seminar on public procurements in the health system of the Republic of Belarus in Grodno

On September 19, 2018 the National Centre for Marketing held a training seminar for Grodno region organizations on «Organization of procurement of goods (works, services) in public health institutions of the Republic of Belarus».

The seminar highlighted such important topics as: the legislative framework for the procurement of goods (works, services) by health care institutions of the Republic of Belarus; drafting, approval and maintenance of the annual public procurement plan; preparation and organization of the procurement procedure; purchase from a single source, competitive procurement procedures, etc.

The main mistakes of the customer during the procurement procedures, the customer's actions in the event of the supplier's refusal to fulfill its obligations, dispute resolution procedure and appeal against the decisions of the customer were also discussed during the dialogue with the listeners on practical examples.

In addition the seminar highlighted innovations in the procurement legislation: specialists of the National Centre for Marketing presented an overview of the main provisions of the Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 136-З of 17.07.2018 «On Amendments and Additions to the Law of the Republic of Belarus on «Public Procurement of Goods (Work, Services)», which will come into force on 01.07.2019.

«It is not the first experience of organizing events of this format for us. Outreach workshops and online videoconferences on public procurements with the participation of experts from the Centre are held on a regular basis, – the head of the Educational Centre of the National Centre for Marketing Natalia Tyshkevich stated. – Our training programs are built on years of experience and provide answers to questions from thousands of users of the procurement system».

The event was held as part of a series of seminars in the regional centers for healthcare institutions. It was attended by more than 40 representatives of various health organizations of the Grodno region. The next seminar on the same topic will be held in Vitebsk.