Sweden is interested in developing cooperation with Belarus in the construction field

On June 18, a video conference “Features of the Export of Belarusian Building Materials to Sweden”, organized jointly with the National Trade Council of Sweden and the Embassy of Belarus in Sweden, was held at the National Marketing Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.

The event was attended by Director of the National Marketing Center Valery Sadoho, Belarus's Ambassador to Sweden Dmitry Mironchik, Sweden's Ambassador to Belarus Christina Johannesson, Chairman of the Swedish Association of Building Materials Trade Monica Björk, representatives of the Bellesbumprom concern, which is responsible for the development of trade and economic cooperation of our country with Kingdom of Sweden. As well as experts from the National Trade Council of Sweden and representatives of more than 30 Belarusian enterprises and organizations: Alutech Group of Companies, Belarusian Forestry Company, Belarusian Cement Company, Berezastroymaterialy OJSC, BMZ, VEGAS LLC, Gomelsteklo OJSC, OJSC Keramin, Mozyr woodworking plant, glass factory "Neman", Polotsk-Fiberglass OJSC and others.

Valery Sadoho noted that Sweden is one of Belarus’s important trading partners in Europe, Belarusian-Swedish trade turnover exceeds $ 150 million. Belarusian enterprises need to work actively on the development of new niches in the European market.

Ambassador Dmitry Mironchik emphasized that in the current difficult economic conditions associated with the pandemic, new forms of interaction with business, including video conferencing, are designed to promote the development of international cooperation. “Sweden is a promising market for many types of Belarusian products, we see significant potential in the construction field and in the export of goods for repair and construction. The Swedish leadership stated the ambitious goal of building 700,000 new apartments by 2025 to address the current housing shortage. Belarusian valves are well known in Sweden, together with BMZ we are now working to increase supplies. This spring, deliveries of Belarusian ceramic tiles to the Swedish market have begun. Belarusian windows and sectional garage doors are well known in Scandinavia. Last year, a Belarusian manufacturer of reinforced concrete panels built its first single-family residential building in Stockholm. There are also certain prospects for the export of thermal insulation materials of large Belarusian manufacturers,” said the Ambassador.

During the videoconference, representatives of Belarusian business circles presented the main directions of the Open Trade Gate Sweden program of the National Council for Trade of Sweden, as well as information about the peculiarities of the Swedish building materials market, legal aspects and requirements for exporting products to Sweden and the EU countries, supply chains and current preferences of consumers.

According to the results of the video conference between RUE “Zavod gazetnoy bumagi” and the Swedish company PS Fastigheter AB, an agreement was reached on concluding a contract for the supply of 12 wooden prefabricated houses in June 2020.