Video conference "Export to the EU" dedicated to the woodworking industry took place

An industry videoconference was held on March, 27 at the National Marketing Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus on establishing supplies of woodworking products to the European market. The event was organized jointly with the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Belarus to the European Union and the Bellesbumprom Concern. The focus was on the discussion of increasing woodworking exports of the  industry of the Republic of Belarus to the EU and determining ways to solve them.

The event gathered participants online, including the regional centers of the Republic of Belarus. Representatives of the Bellesbumprom concern, the Republican Timber Industry Association, the Belarusian Forest Company, the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus, Vitebskdrev, the Shklovsky newsprint plant, and other Belarusian companies took part in the videoconference.

The questions of enterprises were answered by Counselor to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Kingdom of Belgium (Permanent Mission of the Republic of Belarus to the EU) Kirill Petrovsky, and experts of the National Marketing Center.

“The best export is one that is based on our own raw materials. And in Belarus there are enough raw materials. Premium markets for us are concentrated in the EU, and Belarusian timber is in demand there, ” said Valery Sadoho, director of the National Marketing Center.

Within the framework of the conference, an analysis was made of the structure of Belarusian  woodworking exports to the EU, the most demanded commodity items were identified, the role of tariff and non-tariff barriers was determined, and an agreement was reached on developing a joint action plan of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and Bellesbumprom concern to increase exports to the woodworking industry in EU countries.