A meeting with the delegation of the Republic of Bashkortostan was held

On July 28, the National Marketing Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus met with the delegation of the Republic of Bashkotorstan, which visited the Republic of Belarus on a three-day business visit. The visit was organized by the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus.

As part of the delegation, Minsk was visited by representatives of the Export Support Center of the Republic of Bashkortostan and top managers of 10 industrial enterprises engaged in the production and sale of compressor equipment, air purification systems, food products, biofertilizers, reagents for the oil industry and water circulation systems.

Director of the National Marketing Center Valery Sadokho introduced the delegation members to the possibilities of the Center for information support of Russian companies in the development of trade and economic ties with Belarusian business.

During the meeting, Russian companies were also informed about the conditions for participation in procurement procedures in the Republic of Belarus, electronic resources of the National Marketing Center www.icetrade.by, www.goszakupki.by, www.gias.by, which ensure procurement procedures, as well as the possibilities of Export.by portal.