A business visit to Spanish Catalonia was held in order to develop cooperation

Valery Sadoho, Director of the National Center for Marketing, visited Barcelona with the Belarusian delegation to negotiate expansion of cooperation with the Agency for Competitiveness of Companies (ACCIO) and establishment of cooperation with the Barcelona branch of the Spanish Foreign Trade Agency (ICEX). The visit was initiated by the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Kingdom of Spain.

On September 25, negotiations with the leadership of ACCIO and ICEX were held. Valery Sadoho assured the Spanish business partners that the National Center for Marketing is a reliable platform for entering the Belarusian market, as well as the market of the EAEU countries in order to deepen bilateral trade and economic cooperation. The possibility of signing a memorandum of cooperation was discussed. With the invitation of ICEX, the Director of the National Center for Marketing signed the Guest Book of Honor.

In addition, the Belarusian delegation met with the Deputy Representative of the Government of Spain in the autonomous community of Catalonia, overseeing the development of entrepreneurship, and with the leadership of the associations of industry, textiles, entrepreneurs of Catalonia.

In the following days, a number of business events in the city of Lleida (Spain) are also planned in the trip program.