The National Centre for Marketing invites to participate in "FoodExpo Kyrgyzstan"

The 3rd International Congress and Exhibition Forum «The Week of Food Industry in the Kyrgyz Republic» will be held in Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) fr om 16 to 18 April 2019. The National Centre for Marketing arranges the participation of the Belarusian companies in this forum at the collective stand of the Republic of Belarus.

The exposition area of the International Exhibition Forum is 2500 m². Within the framework of the event the following specialized exhibitions will take place:

  •       Food Expo Kyrgyzstan (food)

  •       FoodTechExpo Kyrgyzstan (equipment for the food industry)

  •       HoReCa Bishkek (equipment, goods and services for catering)

  •       UnpackExpo Kyrgyzstan (packaging products)

  •       HalalFoodExpo (halal industry)

The contests «Best product of the FoodExpo Kyrgyzstan 2019» and «Best Alcoholic Drink of the FoodExpo Kyrgyzstan 2019» are going to be held during the event.

The highlight of the business program will be the International conference of the Foodstuff «FoodForum» wh ere will be possible to participate in B2B-meetings between suppliers of the foodstuff and representatives of the leading Kyrgyz trade networks.

The National Centre for Marketing is the official representative of the exhibition organizer on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Our offer to participants of the collective exposition includes:

  •  development of the individual space and interior design of the stand;

  • arrangement and construction of the stand;

  • advertising and information support;

  • arrangement of the B2B-talks within the framework of the exhibition;

  • hotels and tickets booking;

  • comprehensive support during all stages of the preparation and holding of the exhibition.

For the detailed information on the conditions of the areas booking and participation, please address to the Division of Exhibition Activities.

Contact person: Svetlana Bazylik, tel. +375 (17) 328 46 24, e-mail: bazylik@icetrade.by

We invite you to participate at the exhibition of the collective exposition of the Republic of Belarus.

Background information:

In 2018 the turnover between the Republic of Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic was $130,9 mln, export amounted to $120,3 mln., import - $10,6 mln. For the three quarters of 2018, Belarusian food products worth $24,3 mln were exported to the Kyrgyz market, including confectionary, convenient or preserved goods made of dunghill fowls, salt, cattle meat, cheese, chocolate and others cocoa products, grapevines, cookies, malt and other products.

The main trade positions exported to Kyrgyzstan from other countries included water (both mineral and soda), chocolate and other cocoa products, flour, bread, confectionaries, cereals for baby food, soft drinks. These goods of Belarusian manufacturers may be in demand on the Kyrgyz market.