A videoconference with the Latvian organization Belarus Corporation was held at the National Marketing Center

On March 12, at the National Marketing Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, a working video conference was held with the leadership of the Latvian organization Belarus Corporation, which is a universal structure for the implementation of export projects of Belarusian and European enterprises.

At the meeting, Director of the National Marketing Center Valery Sadokho, Chairman of the Board of Belarus Corporation Alexander Petrov and General Director of Belarus Corporation Victoria Dubova discussed the prospects of possible cooperation.

As a result of the meeting, in order to provide information support to foreign trade of Belarus, an agreement was reached on concluding a Memorandum of Understanding between the organizations. The implementation of the Memorandum presupposes the organization of joint videoconferences, seminars, as well as the use by the Corporation of the resource of the Export Support Portal Export.by to inform the Belarusian business about the possibilities of working in the Latvian and European markets.