A special issue of “Export of Belarus” was released, dedicated to the pharmaceutical, medical and health services market

In recent years, the interest of foreign citizens in Belarusian medicine has been steadily growing. “This is a direct result of the tremendous work to improve the material and technical base of domestic healthcare organizations, the intensive development of high-tech types of medical care, the introduction of new medical technologies and treatment methods, and the increase in the level of service,” said Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik. According to preliminary estimates, in 2019, the volume of exports of medical services in our country should reach $46 million (in 2018, this figure was about $43 million). Last year, Belarusian clinics provided medical care to more than 150 thousand foreigners from 130 countries. The average check for one foreign patient is growing: in 2010 it was about $ 85, now it is more than $ 300.

The success of pharmaceutical manufacturers in the export direction was shared by Sergey Kazakevich, General Director of the Belfarmprom Holding Management Company, a republican unitary enterprise. Today, the holding unites 8 participating organizations, cooperation agreements are concluded with 27 organizations. The holding produces more than 60% of the volume of domestic medicines, of which 44% is exported. These products are delivered to more than 30 countries of the world, and active work is underway to expand export geography.

The interest of foreign citizens in Belarusian sanatoriums is traditionally high. About 1.3 million people spend their time in domestic health resorts annually, of which 200 thousand are guests from abroad. The revenue from the export of sanatorium and resort services and health services amount to about $ 100 million. According to Gennady Bolbatovsky, the director of the Republican Center for Health and Sanatorium and Resort, the brand of Belarusian sanatoriums is precisely made of the medical component. And, thanks to the visa-free regime, the average annual number of foreign guests in Belarusian health resorts located on visa-free border territories of the Brest and Grodno regions has increased two or more times.

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