The issue of the “Export of Belarus” journal was published, dedicated to the investment potential of the Republic of Belarus

The issue focuses on preferential investment regimes, primarily the economic potential of the free economic zones of Belarus. As noted by the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy in an interview, the SEZ accounts for 15% of the country's industrial production, 17% of exports and 18% of foreign direct investment on a net basis. At the same time, free economic zones occupy only 0.13% of the country's territory, and 5% of the average number of employees in the republic work in them.

Six free economic zones have a long and successful history of development. New breakthrough projects today include the Great Stone Sino-Belarusian Industrial Park with the status of a special economic zone. The head of the administration of the industrial park, Alexander Yaroshenko, said that 55 enterprises from 13 countries are currently registered in the Great Stone, and the volume of declared investments exceeds $ 1 billion. In his interview with the magazine, he spoke in detail about preferences for investors and the construction progress in the park and prospects for its development.

Heads of FEZ administrations also shared their views on the benefits of investing in the free economic zones of Belarus, and resident companies presented information about their activities, goods and services.

“Export of Belarus” is published by the National Center for Marketing with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. The journal is designed for foreign audiences, the release languages ​​are Russian and English. It will be distributed at major international events in our country and abroad, including national expositions.

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The advertising and informational journal “Export of Belarus” has been published since 2016. The publication’s task is to represent the export potential of Belarusian organizations and the republic as a whole in the markets of foreign countries. Each issue of the magazine is dedicated to the participation of Belarus in major economic events abroad (exhibitions, forums, etc.). Industry and regional issues are also published.