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1. What is EXPO

The world exhibition EXPO is the most significant international event of the exhibition business. This is not only the largest international exhibition of the latest scientific and technological achievements, but also the contamination of history, traditions, and culture of the whole world. The country and venue of the EXPO is traditionally selected by the International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE) by voting.

The history of the universal exhibitions EXPO dates back to 1851. The first EXPO was held at Hyde Park Crystal Palace in London. The exhibition was called "The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations" and became a milestone in the history of the industrial revolution.

It was visited by about a third of the population of Britain. In 1855, the French took the initiative to host a world exhibition. 


Crystal Palace at the 1851 World's Fair (Hyde Park, London)

Eiffel Tower at the 1889 World's Fair (Paris, France)

Exhibition rotunda at the 1873 World's Fair (Vienna, Austria)



After the war, the organizers of the EXPO began to pay attention not only to advances in technology, but also to global issues facing humanity. For example, a person and his place in the world, ecology, urbanization, etc. In accordance with these questions, each time a relevant topic of our time was formulated and the next EXPO received a new topic, in accordance with which the participants formed their exposition. The main theme of EXPO 2020 is “Uniting the minds, creating the future”. 

World exhibitions have become symbols of industrialization, a base for getting acquainted with all kinds of inventions, the latest technologies, the most progressive moments of our time. 

Interesting facts


Exhibition area Expo 2020

From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, the World Expo Exhibition will be organized in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). 

The main theme of the exhibition — “Uniting the minds, creating the future” — will be used by participating countries as a tool to promote the idea of global progress and sustainable development. The theme of the exhibition includes three related subtopics: “Opportunity”, “Sustainability”, “Mobility”, which are the three most important driving forces of our time.

The exhibition platform will serve as a venue for demonstrating the latest ideas and technologies, a platform for presenting the economic, investment, and cultural potential of the participating countries. National pavilions will not only attract the attention of millions of visitors from all over the world, but will also welcome heads of state, government delegations, large investors, heads of international companies, and representatives of world media.

The official site for the exhibition center EXPO 2020 will be the new Dubai Trade Center with an area of 438 hectares, designed specifically for the exhibition. The architecture of the complex will combine innovative design and environmental friendliness. Half of the electricity consumed by it will be generated from renewable sources, and 50% of the energy will be generated directly at the venue of the exhibition.

Currently, over 190 countries have confirmed their participation in EXPO 2020. Organizers expect about 25 million visitors. 


BELARUS Experience

Belarus has successful experience in participating in EXPO exhibitions. For the first time, our country took part in the 1998 World Exhibition in Lisbon (Portugal), then in 2000 in Hanover (Germany). But the National Pavilion of Belarus was first presented in 2010 in Shanghai (China), then in 2015 in Milan (Italy) and in 2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan).

Interesting facts: 

  • specially for the opening of the National Exposition in Shanghai, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus issued a silver commemorative coin EXPA-2010, with a face value of 20 rubles, weighing 33.62 g, in a circulation of 5000 pieces;
  • at the EXPO-2015 in Milan, the National Pavilion of Belarus presented the project “Cola zhyzzia” and became one of the most visited at the World Exhibition; 
  • At EXPO-2017 in Astana (Kazakhstan), our country presented more than 50 innovative inventions, as well as its latest development — the city electric bus. Belarus pavilion entered the top 15. 

Commemorative coin "EXPA-2010"

The National Pavilion of Belarus at the EXPO-2015 “Cola Zhyzzia”

City electric bus at EXPO-2017


2. Belarus at EXPO 2020

Our country will take part in the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 and present its pavilion. Participation in EXPO 2020 will contribute to solving a number of the most important strategic tasks of the republic: 

  • First of all, this is an image-building event aimed at positioning Belarus in the international arena as a promising and reliable partner. 
  • The World Forum is a good opportunity to search for new sales markets, strategic partners, attract investment in high-tech and knowledge-intensive sectors of the domestic economy.
  • The presentation of the economic potential of our country, the most significant innovative developments, technologies in various fields, their high quality, affordability, environmental friendliness, will make it possible to demonstrate the equivalence of domestic products to the best international standards, their competitiveness. 
  • Millions of visitors from around the world will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the tourism potential of Belarus: its national identity, historical and cultural heritage, sports achievements, folk art, cuisine, traditions, etc.
  • An international project is always an opportunity to study and use the experience of other participants to develop new technologies in their country.
  • Participation in the World Exhibition in Dubai will contribute to the development of scientific, economic, political dialogue with the United Arab Emirates, partner countries of Belarus in the Middle East region and other interested countries of the world community.

The implementation of a large-scale project has been ongoing since 2017. An Organizing Committee has been created to prepare the National Exposition. The plan of preparatory measures for 2018 — 2021 was approved. The organizer of the National Exposition is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, the operator is the National Marketing Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.

The National Pavilion

The Pavilion of the Republic of Belarus is located in the “Opportunity” zone and covers a total area of 1,200 square meters.

The concept of the Belarusian pavilion is built on the “three I's” — “Innovations. Investments. Individual". These are three conditional zones of space, spread across floors. In the Innovation zone, the latest domestic developments in the field of science and technology will be demonstrated. In the “Investments” zone — success stories of our country and potential investment projects. In the "Individuality" zone, you can learn about the people who contributed to the progress and development of Belarus, as well as get acquainted with its historical, cultural, tourist potential. Information will be presented on interactive screens, infokiosks, touchscreens, through holograms, five-sided projection, etc. National Belarusian motifs and symbols will be constructively introduced into thematic zones and exhibits. 

Thematic areas of the National Pavilion

Schedule of the National Exposition

The international exhibition venue is a great opportunity to demonstrate the achievements and potential of our country, a good prospect for the development of bilateral relations both with the host country and with other participating countries. The business and cultural programs of the National Exposition will contribute to the development of business communications.

The opening of the National Exposition will take place on October 1, 2021. An important day for Belarus at EXPO 2020 will be the National Day of the Republic of Belarus, celebrated at the World Exhibition. The Belarusian Investment Forum will be scheduled.

The work of the National Pavilion will last from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

3. Partners of National Exposition
Official partner
Bank partner

Belarusian organizations and companies have a unique opportunity to become partners of the National Exposition of our country at EXPO-2020. 

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Affiliate programs designed to optimally implement the tasks of promoting the image of your company at EXPO-2020.

More about affiliate program

4. Organizer of National Exposition

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as the organizer of the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the World Expo-2020 exhibition on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Belarus. The National Marketing Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has been designated the official operator. An organizing committee has been created to prepare the National Exposition, headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus I.V. Petrishenko. 

The First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs A.A. Evdochenko is the General Commissioner of the Republic of Belarus at the World Expo-2020 Exhibition.

5. Actual Information

More information on official resources:

6. Operator contacts

  • Project Manager: Svetlana Zhilyak, tel. +375 (17) 222 33 83;
  • Business program: Evgenia Komarova, tel. +375 (17) 328 46 25;
  • Partnership participation: Elena Coleda, tel.  +375 (17) 328 46 24;
  • PR and mass media: Irina Savchenko, tel. +375 (17) 328 64 83;
  • Electronic catalog Export.by: Denis Ozhigar, tel. +375 (17) 306 34 78.