Increase the scale of your business by participating in international exhibitions

Every year promotion on the market becomes an increasingly labor-intensive process. It is no longer enough just to present a product or service to consumers. It is important to show its relevance, value for your target audience, to raise customer’s interest, which becomes more and more demanding every year.

Whatever goals you wish to achieve - increasing the volume of direct sales, introducing a new product, strengthening the image of the company - a universal way to solve them is to participate in exhibitions. Participation in various international exhibitions is particularly important for companies interested in their promotion in the foreign markets.

For years the National Centre for Marketing has held exhibitions in countries with the most promising economic potential. 2019 will start with the International Trade Fair Balttour 2019 - the most attended and significant event in the tourism industry of the Baltic countries, which will be held on February 1–3 in Riga (Latvia). The exhibition is of great importance for the tourist business, because due to the time and place of the event it will allow to assess the state of the market and create a reserve for the new season.

Spring exhibition season will be rich in events. Belarusian furniture and woodworking companies will be represented by a collective stand at the International Furniture Exhibition MEBLE POLSKA 2019, which will be held on March 13–15 in Poznan (Poland). Domestic manufacturers for the second time will become participants in the largest event in the field of interior design in Central and Eastern Europe.

On April 16-18 the 3rd International Specialized Food Industry Exhibition Food EXPO Kyrgyzstan will be held in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). It will be attended by the leading food industry companies in the Republic of Belarus.

One of the most important industries is construction. The construction companies are tasked with the goal to increase the share of exports of construction services and products not for the first year. A convenient platform for promotion is the Baltic region. Therefore, the presentation of the collective stand at the International Specialized Construction Exhibition RESTA 2019 in Vilnius (Lithuania, April 24–27) is a strategic move, especially considering the status of the event: this is the only specialized exhibition which received recognition from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in the Baltic countries. The previous experience of participation of Belarusian enterprises indicates the interest of both Lithuanian and international companies in the development of cooperation with Belarusian partners - manufacturers of building and finishing materials, tools, machines, mechanisms.

Belarusian producers and exporters also use the holiday season for their own benefit: they will take part in the 10th International Industrial Exhibition «INNOPROM-2019», which will be held on July 8–11 in Ekaterinburg (Russia). This event will unite the main sectors of industry of the world leading countries under one roof.

This year the National Expositions of the Republic of Belarus will be organized at the International Industrial Exhibition IEMA in Lahore (Pakistan) from September 26 to September 28, as well as at the International Exhibition of Food, Hospitality and Agriculture FOODAGRO in Nairobi (Kenya) on October 3-5. These promising fast-growing markets are of great financial interest for Belarusian exporters.

The National Centre for Marketing is also planning one more exhibition in October 2019 – the International Food and Beverage Exhibition World Food Ukraine 2019 in Kiev (Ukraine). The exhibition is focused on manufacturers and suppliers of food and beverages, processing companies, distributors, exporters, importers, representatives of food retail, restaurant business.

The year will end with the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the largest International Specialized Exhibition in the field of Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering Tech Industry 2019 in Riga (Latvia). The market of the Baltic States and the neighboring Scandinavian countries remains one of the most interesting for Belarusian producers.

Svetlana Zhilyak, the Head of the Exhibition Department, stated that a carefully thought-out event accompanied by professionals — either an exhibition, a conference or a B2B meeting — will certainly help to strengthen the company’s presence in the market, form strong long-term business relationships based on interpersonal communications and, of course, provide economic benefits and at the same it time can provide a long-term effect for participants of international exhibitions.

Currently, in addition to the international exhibitions scheduled for the year, the National Centre for Marketing is working on a serious project – preparation and presentation of the Republic of Belarus at the EXPO 2020. It is a notable event for the whole world, which will be held from October 2020 to April 2021 in Dubai. This is not just an exhibition - it is a platform for ideas, where each country presents its intellectual, technical and cultural potential in the context of global trends.

The National Centre for Marketing invites Belarusian enterprises and organizations to participate in international exhibitions.

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