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The National Centre for Marketing and Price Study is the developer and operator of the Portal Export.by, which is aimed at providing export support and assistance in promoting Belarusian goods and services abroad. It demonstrates the potential of the exports of Belarus, there are continuously published economic news and analytical materials about tariff and non-tariff regulations of foreign economic activities in Belarus, composition of Belarusian export and other valuable information for doing business in Belarus and elsewhere.

The Portal is created with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

It serves as an electronic “display” of Belarusian goods.

To date, on the Portal there are presented the catalogues of more than 6 000 Belarusian and foreign companies of different scope of activities and more than 19 000 goods, services and technologies available in Russian and English.


  • helps advantageously present one’s goods, services and technologies on the Internet;

  • provides user-friendly search of a necessary good, service or technology;

  • helps to establish direct contacts with the Portal visitors: goods producers and services providers, wholesale buyers;

  • publish economic news of Belarus and the world;

  • helps to define promising markets and find out peculiarities of working in them;

  • provides information about the largest international specialized exhibitions, etc.;

  • attracts more than 3000 unique visitors per day from 150 different countries.

Registration on the Portal is simple and free for both Belarusian and foreign companies.

Export.by also represents country guidebooks on doing business, which contain unique information about countries’ economies, prepared by the embassies of the Republic of Belarus abroad. The module “Country guidebooks” provides information about trade and economic cooperation between Belarus and other countries, tariff and non-tariff regulations of foreign economic activities, key export - import positions of foreign countries and other analytical materials.

The Portal Export.by provides information export support, assists in promoting of Belarusian goods, services, technologies and also in establishing business contacts and trade relations between Belarusian and foreign enterprises, attracting of foreign investments to Belarus and more in-depth integration into the world economy.

Take advantage of the portal www.export.by to create a positive business reputation of your company, increase brand recognition of your business and its efficiency!

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