Procurement services

As a top Belarusian company in procurement the National Centre for Marketing sets the following goals:

To render the information and consulting services in procurement in the Republic of Belarus

  • www.icetrade.by is a universal platform, where Belarusian and foreign companies may place their procurement information;
  • www.goszakupki.by is a modern electronic trade platform, where e-procurement is conducted on-line using the global electronic commerce tools;  
  • ca.ncmps.by is an authentification centre, which issues EDS public-key certificates.

To provide information on tenders in Belarus and foreign countries

  • To provide information on the tenders in Belarus;

  • To provide information on the tenders in the Eurasian Economic Union, Commonwealth of Independent States, European Union (more than 110 countries);

  • To provide information on the companies, included in the Register of Commodity Manufacturers and their Sales Companies (Official Representatives);

  • To facilitate Belarusian companies to participate in the tenders of the international organizations and supply goods and services (UN, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development);

  • To monitor Belarusian and foreign procurement legislation.

The National Centre for Marketing actively participates in the initiatives, which aimed at cooperation with the e-procurement systems of EAEU states, in order to ensure mutual participation of the suppliers in e-procurement and to make the participation of Belarusian companies in procurement more successful. 

To provide export support, the National Centre for Marketing collaborates with foreign companies so that to get and update information on foreign tenders.

The National Centre for Marketing helps your company to deal with the challenges, save time and cost, and shape a successful strategy of your business.

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