Publishing activities

The National Centre for Marketing and Price Study in order to promote foreign economic activities of the exporters issues the following printed publications:

  • advertising and information magazine “Export of Belarus” (it is being published to present the export capacity of the Republic of Belarus and individual enterprises),

  • information and analytical magazine “Market conditions” (each edition covers the market conditions of a certain country or the part of the world) — it have been issued until April, 2019.

The publication is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. The major purpose is information support of the Belarusian exports, assistance in establishing mutually beneficial relations with foreign partners.

"Market conditions"

One can find there foreign markets overviews, interviews with the heads of the Belarusian and foreign diplomatic missions, market conditions for selected commodity items, information about bilateral cooperation, legal environment analysis, commentaries of the experts from Belarusian enterprises, who operate in the foreign markets, the schedule of upcoming exhibitions and other useful information.

The issues for years 2017-2019 are available for purchase in the Editorial Office. The preview of the magazine one can find on the website.

"Export of Belarus"

The advertising-information journal is intended for presentation of the export potential of Belarusian organizations and the Republic of Belarus as a whole in foreign markets.

Placing of information in the journal «Export of Belarus» is a simple and sustainable way of communicating information about companies, their goods and services to the target customers all over the world with maximum efficiency.

Advertising in the magazine "Export of Belarus" makes it possible for the Belarusian enterprises and companies to bring information about their activities to the consumers anywhere in the world.

The magazine is distributed at the international exhibitions in Belarus and abroad, via foreign missions, at business events, held by the National Centre for Marketing. The electronic version of the edition is available on the portal of information  support of the export of the Republic of Belarus www.export.by.

The magazine is published in the language of the country of distribution or in Russian, English.

For the issues related to the placement of advertising, feel free to contact our Editorial Office.

Here are our contacts: tel.+375 17 203-67-98, e-mail: reklama@icetrade.by

The magazine "Export of Belarus" is registered with the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus (Certificate No.1858 of April 29,2017).

The National Centre for Marketing also stands ready to offer a full complex of services on designing the advertisement & polygraphic materials (brochures, booklets, leaflets).

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